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We Had #BlackoutTuesday, So Now What?

Posting a black square for #BlackoutTuesday shouldn't be the only action you take to become aware of racial injustice.

Trying times require strong people to rise up and be the change.


So how do we promote change after posting black squares in our social media for Blackout Tuesday? 

Do this:

* Ask yourself how many black business do you support?

* Call out your friends, family and colleagues when they say something racist.

* If you haven’t spoken about it at all during this last week, ask yourself why?

* If you feel comfortable about posting about #StayHome, women’s march, climate march but not about black lives or social injustice, ask yourself why.

* Look around your office and count the number of black colleagues you see. Don’t substitute women for visible minorities and saying “we embrace diversity, the majority of our employees are female.” It’s NOT the same thing. These are two very real fights but you don’t get to substitute one for the other.

* When you talk about how terrible it is that people are treated differently based on the color of their skin, recognize that this acknowledgment means oriole can be policed differently based on the color of their skin.

* Take a moment and reflect on your childhood/high school days and think about all of the times that racism was apparent, joked about, a part of everyday life. Sit with that and let it sink in.


* If you have questions, ask me or ask your African-American friends. BE HONEST with what you’re asking. Be an empathetic listener and be understanding. Leave all prejudgments, pride and what you already know out of the conversation.

This is a time of ACTIVE LISTENING.

Don’t just post the black pic on your social media timeline and think it’s okay. Be the change and TAKE ACTION that creates progress.

Stay positive,


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