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The Time I Almost Let My Ego Get in the Way of Skylar's Growth

Sometimes we as parents try to be All-World Parents and end up messing up a good thing.

Skylar Michelle-Juliette Blumenberg. She’s the only child in our household that has two middle names. She’s better known as “Tiny.”

Tiny is our third child. She was supposed to be the last child but you already know how that turned out.

When we arrived in Sandpoint, Michelle and I had decided that I would be a stay-at-home dad to both Daisy and Skylar. So naturally I thought they would dominate my time when it came to me taking care of them.

I had a schedule that I would keep Skylar on while I was doing my business. A school schedule. One that I would create so I could be the Do-It-All dad. You know, the one that can max out at home and on the job.

I know I could do that but I’ll be honest, I wasn't ready for all of that. I wanted to go all-in with my business. No, see you don’t get it. I don't mean I didn’t go all-in. I was already committed but I wanted to do so without and distractions. I envy people that don’t have kids and have all the time in the world. Because when I began this journey as an entrepreneurial stay-at-home dad, I had no clue what I was in for.

By the grace of God, we stumbled upon a preschool called Little Lambs preschool in Sandpoint, Idaho. It’s the hottest preschool in all of Bonner County. It’s considered to be the best and I’m not just saying that because Skylar attends but because that’s all I heard from the locals.

When we got here, we were blessed to have known about someone dropping their child’s spot which created an opening for us.

The timing was unimaginable. I’m talking pinpoint perfection.

At first, I grappled over this. I didn't want her to go to preschool because I wanted to be the stay-at-home dad that could do everything. But then common sense kicked in and it was my wife. She explained to me that it would give me a reprieve and time to work on my business.

You see, my ego was getting in the way and almost destroyed me.

When Tiny began preschool in September (every Tuesday and Thursday), it was Heaven. It gave me more freedom to take advantage of my time while she was being taught an amazing education and about Jesus at the same time. The preschool is located in the church of Christ Our Redeemer Lutheran Church.

She’s gotten a plethora of new friends from her preschool days. She’s learned to be more social and interact with many kids at a time. She’s also had a few play dates with friends from school. The teachers are phenomenal and the pastor is excellent.

And to think that I was going to let my ego and pride get in the way of this. What the heck was I thinking.

The little bit of time that she’s at school gives me barely just enough time to get some significant work done. When she’s at school, it’s also Daisy’s nap time. Love it.

This has been a great experience for me in many ways. As an entrepreneur dad, I often miss out on times and opportunity that the kids have because I’m in the beginning stages of creating a solid foundation for my business. As a dad there are always challenges to want to be Superman but sometimes we get caught up by that damn kryptonite.

I’m thankful to God everyday that she’s at such a great preschool. Now if only I could find something for Daisy…


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