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Pursuit of Happyness Is Still Possible!

It's hard to be happy about ANYTHING lately. Is it even possible to be happy?

Why is happiness underrated yet so many people seek it?


Do you know what it means to be truly happy? There was a movie called The Pursuit of Happyness about a homeless salesman (played by Will Smith) who works his way through life’s pitfalls to achieve extraordinary financial freedom. The movie speaks volumes to me. 


Because EVERYONE is in some form of pursuit to achieve their own personal happiness while battling the demons of life. The title ALONE speaks volumes. The title explains that we all are in constant pursuit of some form of happiness.

Is it possible for you to achieve happiness even during this crisis? Actually, YES, there is. 

Be thankful and grateful. Look at what you’ve got and be happy with that RIGHT NOW! We’re human. We ALWAYS want more. And that’s okay. However I want you to look at EVERYTHING you have and take personal stock into what you have the others wish they had. 

You have MORE than you think. Be thankful and grateful FOR EVERYTHING you have.

Keep life stupid simple. Don’t waste time overanalyzing every woulda, coulda, shoulda in life. Simplify EVERYTHING you do and keep things extremely basic. If they’re not simple, you won’t want to tackle another issue when you’re not feeling happy about your situation.

Make the choice to be happy before allowing your circumstances to decide your happiness. This used to be a hard one for me. I was very volatile and reactionary towards things that would happen to me. 

I actually learned this lesson well over a decade ago when my ex-fiancé and I were on the rocks with our relationship. She would always do silly things to PURPOSELY make me mad and I’d react. 

But then one day, I decided ‘enough was enough’ and I decided to be happy NO MATTER WHAT. 

Once I made the choice to be happy, NOTHING could stop me. If you wonder how I can stay upbeat and what my secret power is, it’s my ability to stay committed to my choice TO BE HAPPY.

Your pursuit of happiness will always be challenging. But knowing the cheat code to be happier sooner than most is how we stay happy, upbeat and positive. Even during the most troubling times. 

Stay positive,


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