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My Wife - The Ultimate Mom

No one knows all of the behind the scenes work that she does. She would never tell you but she does WAY MORE than you know.

When I met Michelle in September 2005, I knew that she was the one for me. It didn’t take long for me to realize this. My soul was immediately connected to her as if internally it knew who I was supposed to marry. A year later, we got married - December 13, 2006.

Two years later, Nov. 14, 2008, we had Trey. Two years later, Jul. 25, 2010, we had Ellie. Four years later, Jul. 5, 2014 we had Skylar and three years after that, Feb. 18, 2017, we had Daisy. This year will be our 12th wedding anniversary.

And all of this came about from an encounter at a bar/dance club called The Cadillac Ranch.

This is why it’s funny when people think that you will meet your soulmate at the library or a nice event. I met mine at a bar. But it played out much differently. At the time, I was getting over a break up with my ex-fiancé. I lived with my buddy John at the time and I seemed to be moping around a lot.

John begrudgingly got me out of the house to get my spirits up. He did this by saying, dude I’ll pay for all your drinks, just come out and have some fun. Couldn’t turn that down. Once we were at the bar, he met an awesome girl and that awesome girl had an awesome friend. That awesome friends name was Michelle.

I got to know Michelle and as the night wore on, we found out that we had many interests. That night sparked a few dates and then a few months later, I told her that I loved her. It was crazy! It moved so fast but we seemed so compatible and things seemed effortless when it came to loving Michelle.

I had never experienced such effortless love in my life.

No crazy arguments over stupid things, no silly stalking or idiotic conversations that lead to arguments. None of that. It was effortless to love Michelle whereas my last relationship was a daily challenge. Love should not be a battlefield.

Michelle and I have always done things the unconventional way. When we got married, we got married through B96 Wild Wedding 3. It’s a wedding extravaganza where they have a priest that marries multiple couples at once. An all expenses paid trip to a wedding that we didn’t have to pay for. I won it through a contest by calling in and professing my love for Michelle. Out of three callers, my call was the one that the listeners felt deserved to win a spot to be married at the event.

13 is my lucky number. 13 is also Michelle’s lucky number. What are the odds? I was born on Feb. 21st. Michelle was born on Feb. 28th. We’re both Pisces. No wonder we get along so well!

But once Michelle became a mom, things changed. I had a new found respect and love for my wife. To see her in action with all of our kids makes me feel blessed to have a wonderful woman in my life.

A great mom knows how to take care of her babies and make them feel like there all number one in her heart. A great wife also knows how to make her husband feel like the king of her heart as well. But a great mom/wife knows how to do both of these things and make them look effortless.

Michelle always takes care of everyone else before she takes care of herself. It’s just who she is. She gives her everything for us and just wants to see us be happy. She has unconditional love that makes us all feel safe and happy to do things for her. She never looks for the accolades or attention and she always holds herself to a higher expectation.

She’s exactly what I needed.

She keeps me in check when my ego gets out of control. She knows exactly what to say to me when I’m slipping off my game and I need to be redirected. She has the right suggestions at the right time to help me when I can't see where I need help.

You see, Mother’s Day isn’t about celebrating Michelle, it’s really just an explanation point to add onto the already wonderful person that she is.

When I began my entrepreneurial journey, I never thought I’d be a stay-at-home dad and running a business. The thought never crossed my mind but this has been an incredible learning lesson on many ends.

Wow this is hard. I will admit that I haven't been picking up the slack when it comes to parenting. Michelle does a lot of things that go unnoticed. Cooking (breakfast, lunch and dinner), cleaning, laundry, reading to the kids, playing with the kids, bathing the kids, doctor appointments, homework, … you name it, she does it.

I didn't realize how hard it was and how much I wasn’t chipping in until I started watching my two baby girls at home full time. Once I got involved with that and running my business, it became the ultimate challenge. You can read about how I’ve been challenged in these two articles.

The work that you see me produce online is a direct result of the behind the scenes work that you don’t see Michelle doing. Michelle keeps things moving while I work. I wouldn't be able to get anything done without the magic that Michelle produces with all of what she does.

And she does it without looking for any attention or any praise.

This blog is to extend my love, affection and appreciation towards my wife Michelle who’s done amazing things that others will never see or hear about.

Make sure that you appreciate the wonderful things that your wife does everyday. Never wait to tell her how amazing she is or how thankful you are that she does the simple things that make the household a better place.

It’s not what you do when you’re in the spotlight, it’s what you do when no one's looking.


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