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My Style is Authentic

Being an entrepreneur in today's day and age is the sexy thing to do. I get it. But who's willing to show you the good, bad and ugly parts of their entrepreneurial journey? Not many but I assure you that I will.

One thing I think a lot of people do wrong on social media is act like they know everything about everything when they only know a little bit about a little bit. Listen, I get it. There are many “experts” and “gurus.”

I can assure you one thing from me - you’ll get authenticity. I don’t have time to be fake or to act like someone I’m not. It’s never been me.

Before I began my entrepreneurial journey, one thing I had a difficult time with was people that were fake. But working at a job, I was forced to deal with people that were fake and didn’t want to be real.

One of the funniest sayings that used to humor me was when adults would say this to young teenagers:

You need to act more like an adult if you want to be treated like one.

Wait, what? This is hard for me to understand. I’ve seen more childlike adults than actual adults.

There’s only time to get straight to the point. Authentic people don’t beat around the bush. They get to straight to the point. As a coach, I’ve realized that there’s a time to motivate someone and there’s a time to listen. There’s a time to interject to give advice and there’s a time to be a sounding board.

Don’t Take the Fake-Preneur Bait - No Bullshit #13

I’m doing what other entrepreneurs won’t do. One thing I noticed when I began my entrepreneurial journey was there weren’t many entrepreneurs telling their true story. They’d tell you 99% of the glamourous shit but they wouldn’t show you the bad and the ugly shit.

What’s up with that?

Oh, I know why. Folks are scurred. That’s right - scurred (a Chicago term for the word, scared).

So what did I decide to do? Tell my entire entrepreneurial journey. That’s right, just press record and go. I need to post more videos but I’ve been working on putting together an entrepreneur program to help entrepreneurs of all levels.

Here’s the last video I posted for my entrepreneurial journey.

What the Fuck Am I Doing?! - Mar. 2, 2018 with Fred Blumenberg

I hold nothing back when I do these videos. I cry, I get angry, I’m silly, I laugh, I’m me. I just open up my camera app, turn it to video mode and press record. That’s it. Nothing fancy. I know my topic and I just talk about it.

Authenticity. It’s all I know. That’s one thing you’ll get from me when you see me anywhere on social media. Whether it’s on a social media LIVE, in my articles that I write, when you listen to my podcasts or when you see one of my videos in YouTube.

The content remains the same. Authentic. When I coach my clients, it’s authentic.

You’ve tired everyone else, it’s time to stop messing around with the fake mindset coaches and listen to someone who’s authentic.

Let me help you gain clarity. DM me. I'd love to chat about working with you.


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