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My Material Thing That Keeps Me Humbled

Yes. I have a 2017 MacBook Air. But this laptop teaches me about my tough road and what it meant to deal with an annoying time during my entrepreneurial journey.

I purchased a MacBook Air in November 2017. The purchase was for my business and it was to help me stay up to date with all of my activity online.

Now I know I told you some basic mundane boring stuff right there but you don’t get what this laptop means to me.

You see, before I got this laptop, I was using the one that was loaned to me from SEDOL (Special Education District of Lake County). SEDOL loaned out MacBook Air’s thus I got one in the process of leveling up within the company.

I got used to using Macs by working with them in the SEDOL school district. Once I leveled up at my job and I got my own laptop (as a loaner), I was cranking out work for my new business ventures at the speed of light.

Little did I know that a laptop could be and mean something so powerful. And no, I’m not talking about it’s amazing performance speed and all of the bells and whistles, I’m talking about simply having a great laptop to do work with. When we finalized our moving situation, we had to return our laptops. My wife is a teacher and she worked at Frederick School in Gages Lake, IL USF.

We all had Macs. Then the day came to return them. One small thing that I got used to was posting LinkedIn articles daily to LinkedIn. To anyone else, this might seem small and redundant but to me, it wasn’t about writing the LinkedIn article. It was about getting and staying consistent with what I was doing.

Side note: As I’m typing this right now, I’m breaking one of my cardinal rules (no laptops or electronic devices in bad) but only because I want to post this article before 10pm.

When Michelle had to give back her laptop, so did I. So what did I do? I went to the library.

Do Whatever It Takes - The Real Deal #25

I hated that damn library. Nice library but the fact that I had to go there and out of my way to post an article was something that I loathed.

After that, we went through a month before we got an internet service in our house. My wife continued teaching but got a Dell as a replacement. Wait what? You’ve got to be kidding me. Dell is STILL around?

It was. And when Momma brought that Dell old ass laptop, that was basically an expensive paper weight, made me feel pretty damn good. For a moment. The Dell was a (way) older model and barely usable.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because I hated that Dell and I hated the library. But had I not gone through those things I wouldn't have the appreciation I have for the laptop that I have now.

The one thing I learned about that short term struggle is that I was willing to do and use anything and do whatever it took towards creating success for my life.

I often pushed myself through the pain when it was easy to give up and I persevered often.

So when I open up my laptop ready to type, it’s not me showing off or acting like I’m somebody I’m not.

Look at the header photo. This is literally the face I make when I’ve got something good and I am lately typing it at that very moment.

I will always remember that old laptop and the the things I had to do during that time period to GET WORK DONE!! Always remember what you had and where you came from, so you can be grateful for what you currently have at this very moment.


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