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Mr. Know-It-All Is an Idiot

To all of my know-it-all’s, I have one thing to say to you: YOU’RE AN IDIOT. 

What does it gain someone to be a Know-It-All and lose the ability to learn anything new?


Know-It-Alls are idiots. That’s right, I said it - they’re idiots. You’re probably wondering, “Fred, why are you so harsh?” Don't care. I said it and here's why I said it: I used to be a know-it-all, so now is NOT the time to try to prove me wrong, NOW IS THE TIME FOR YOU TO LISTEN.

Listen, I used to be a know-it-all. I’m AUTHENTIC. Did you think I didn't have my own troubles with thinking I knew EVERYTHING ABOUT EVERYTHING?

Here’s the deal: I had a problem and it was A HUGE PROBLEM. I thought I knew it all. I was so busy trying to be right, prove others wrong and feel superior to others that I missed the boat on many opportunities in my life.

I finally changed my life in 2015 when I lost my job and got tired of getting the same results year after year. 

What did I do differently in 2015 than I did all other years prior? 

I stopped trying to be right and started working towards making progress. Trying to be right meant that I couldn't make mistakes. When you don’t want to make mistakes, you place it safe and when you play it safe, you never take the chances that you’re supposed to take in order to create growth. 

I changed all that and started being about trial and error. I didn’t care about being right or wrong anymore. It was more about me needing to experience something as opposed to feeding my ego.

I was deathly afraid to fail. Most people want success but they don’t WANT to work for it. Every new level I’ve achieved in life was no surprise to me however it was a surprise to others. 

Why do you think that?


Because they simply didn’t go for what they wanted. Why don’t people go for what they want in life more often? 


Because they’re afraid to fail and fail often.

You see, success requires you to FAIL OFTEN. It’s not about having the perfect formula, process or making the fewest mistakes. It’s finding the right formula that works for you, understanding your process and making as many mistakes as possible to figure the whole thing out. 

With everyone glued to their TVs watching the documentary “The Last Dance” about the ‘90s Chicago Bulls, everyone realized the heartache and the sacrifices that Jordan and the Bulls had to make to FINALLY win the championship. And once they figured out what they needed to do, they became a dynasty.

The question you need to be asking yourself is, “Am I failing enough?”

I didn’t want to be the smartest person in the room anymore. Most people want to be know-it-all’s because it’s an ego thing. They WANT to be the smartest person in the room. 

Again - it’s an ego thing.

What they fail to realize is that their ego is failing them. Be the “smartest person” in a room full of idiots makes you the smartest idiot. 

I had to learn this the hard way. I often wondered why I couldn’t level up at all and it was because I wasn’t surrounded by high achievers, go-getters and big thinkers. 

I was too stuck on the idea that just because I graduated college with a Bachelor's Degree, that somehow made me smarter than most people. 

Surround yourself with these people:

  • High achievers 

  • Go-getters

  • Big thinkers

These people are great problem solvers and always get their way by thinking outside the box. They don’t take ‘no’ for an answer and they’re constantly driven to succeed. 

If you’re the smartest and most accomplished person in the room, it’s time to get out of that room and FAST. Get in the right room with the right people and you’ll find yourself achieving the right kind of success. 

I’m glad I got over my need to be a know-it-all. If this is you, I suggest you get over that need to truly just fill your ego. It’s not about your ego, it’s about making progress and ultimately working to achieve something that leads to an amazing experience. 

Stay positive,


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