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Kill Your Paralysis of Analysis

Have you ever over thought something to the point where it has become an impossible task to tackle? Well... LET'S TACKLE THIS RIGHT NOW!

Overthinking SUCKS!! It's like having a splinter that you've tried to extract and it won't come out. It hurts, makes you MORE frustrated and makes you wonder how you got the damn splinter in the first place!


I used to be a masterful over thinker. I would think of every worst case scenario and I would replay it in my head over and over and over and over …

My problem was that I wasn’t taking any action. I’d paralyze myself in fear of the worst case scenario. I wanted to make the right decision before I made a move. No scratch that, I wanted to make the perfect decision. Just stupid. 

What ended up happening was that I didn’t want to take any risks or do ANYTHING because I didn’t want to be held accountable for my failures.

I wasn’t willing to keep an open mind or work towards a conclusion. 

Why do most people do this?

It’s simple. They don’t want to mess up, they don’t want others to think that they don’t know what they’re doing and they want to achieve massive success. 

It’s the equivalent of thinking you’re going to build a house on your first try and have zero issues, mistakes or failures. It’s utter ridiculousness. 

So how do you get out of your way of overthinking a decision?

Five easy steps:

Why are you doing what you’re doing? Sounds like a dumb question but it’s simplified for a reason. Get a clear and defined WHY as to why you’re even working towards a specific result. Know WHY. What’s your WHY? 

Now that you know your WHY, COMMIT to your WHY. A commitment means you’ve made a promise that you’ll complete the task through the good, the bad and the ugly times. 

Be about the process of what you’re doing. You’re either focusing on making progress or finishing a task. Progressing and finishing. Those are the only two reasons you’re doing something. If it’s not progressing you towards finishing a task or goal, STOP doing it. 

Be willing to make changes IMMEDIATELY and keep an open mind. Most people hate changes thus they never learn to adapt on the fly. STAY open minded and you’ll be more likely to make changes immediately. The person that can make changes and adapt the quickest to any situation, is the one that ALWAYS stays ahead of everyone else.

Embrace your screw ups. You’re not going to try something and become an instant mutli-millionaire at it. You will need several hundred cracks at whatever you’re doing before you can even find a groove. 

In baseball, if you have a .300 batting average or above, you are a pretty damn good hitter. That means you’re putting the ball into play and getting on base 30% of the time. Out of 100 at-bats, you’re getting on base 30 times. 

30% in general sounds like you’re failing. It’s well below 50%. 

But here’s the deal, … how many times are you swinging the bat to get on base in your life? If you’re not swinging the bat or even attempting to get into the batter's box, you’ll NEVER make moves. 

Embrace your strikeouts and embrace the times you don’t get on base. It’s helping you to learn how to hit 30% of what you swing at so you CAN get on base.

Get it?

Stop trying to figure everything out - stay committed. You won’t know much of anything when you start a new journey. That’s okay. Here’s a quote that has always helped me to get started and the quote is by Grant Cardone:

“Commit first, figure the rest out later.”

COMMIT FIRST. This means that you’re all-in from the beginning no matter what happens. This also takes you off the hook from needing to know everything about everything because you won’t know much of anything when you get started. In fact, you’ll be constantly learning something new as you go along. 

Make sure that you STAY committed to getting the result you desire. Commitment is essential to keep you going to achieve the goal you desire. 

Stay positive,


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