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I Won’t Ever Change the Fact That I’m Super Silly

Most adults have a hard time just being silly and having fun and putting that on display. Here's how I turned a sick day for my little girls into 'Let's Play Dress-Up.'

For anyone that knows me, you know that I love to have fun. Too many people take life so damn serious and they don’t know how to just have some fun.

The entrepreneur journey can be an incredibly busy and littered with many problems to solve. It’s often a lonely process and it sometimes seems like all I do is work.

So when the opportunity came to have a little fun with my girls, I jumped right to it. Ellie, Sky and Daisy were all home and they were sick with a cold. So to lighten things up, I decided to have a little fun with my girls by playing dress-up.

Originally it was supposed to be playtime, but Elly decided to get super silly and we decided to have a little fun. So up the stairs we went to Momma’s closet. Out of nowhere, Ellie said, “let’s play dress-up.”

I thought to myself, “why the hell not. They’re already in super silly mode, let’s take it over the top.”

And that’s what we did.

30-minutes of solid fun and silliness that I recorded and posted on social media. It was a blast. And yes, they dressed me up like a girl. Cardigan, skirt, high-heels, the whole shebang.

Being silly was something that I used to shy away from as I got older. Are used to think that being an adult meant that you had to be serious all the time and make serious choices and decisions. As I got older, I realize that this was not the way that I wanted to live and it wasn’t what made me happy.

Ultimately I started living to please others as opposed to just bringing my silliness to life and brightening someone’s day. The video below explains how I came to the realization that it was time for me to go all-in on being myself and not allowing others to dim my light.

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Never run away from who you truly are and what you’re truly meant to do. Use your gifts to bring joy to others everyday!

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