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I've Been a Bad Daddy

It looks all good in the photos but here's the truth: it's not all good - on my end.

You guys know me by now. I deliver 100% authenticity. So here’s something for you before we celebrate Father’s Day: I haven’t been a good dad.

That’s right. I haven’t been a good dad OR a good husband. I’ve been slacking.

I haven't taken the time to play with my kids like I should. I’m talking ALL the kids. I play with the little girls but I’m also with them nonstop all day. I must spend more time with the big kids.

I haven’t done a load of laundry in FOREVER. This is not right to my wife. She works hard as hell too and it’s not her job to wash my dirty ass underwear and make sure that I have clean clothes.

The laundry room has piles of laundry to which Michelle has called Laundry Mountain.

I’ve got to step up and help her more in this area.

I’ve been losing my temper a lot lately and that’s not fair to my family. I’ve been under a lot of stress but that’s no excuse to lose my cool with them. It’s something I need to get a better grip on.

Working in and on the business is extremely challenging. Especially starting this late in the game. But again - ZERO EXCUSES.

I’ve been texting Momma too many negative things when I’m having trouble at home with the girls. I need an avenue to vent frustration and unfortunately I dump it on my wife. That’s not fair to her, especially because she probably wishes she could trade me places and be at home with the girls while they’re little.

I need to get my act in gear and realize how special this time is with my little ones.

I’ve been known to give my kids the iPad just to shut them up for a half hour so I can remain sane and get some work done. It’s not my best look but hey, I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do. I think solving my problem over the short term has created some long term problems with Sky. Sigh………

I need to help Michelle more often when it comes to cooking dinner. I just need to. She cooks for all of us and deserves a break. I’ve got to step up in this area.

I’m not a perfect dad. I’ve got plenty of flaws. I’ve given you a list of them and there are plenty more. This article is not about looking for people to praise me for being a good dad. It’s not me complaining about how bad I have it.

It’s to show you that it’s okay to work to be better and still royally fuck up in the process.

I’m not perfect, but my wife loves me for all my imperfections. This is not about me continuing those imperfections. It’s about me recognizing them and taking care of them to be a better dad and husband.

Who’s willing to be AUTHENTIC and put their flaws on the line this Father’s Day?


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