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I'm Panicking! Use My Panicking as Your Learning Lesson

This will shock you. I'm in complete panic mode. Things aren't bouncing my way, I seem to be losing a grip on life...... HELP!

Did you know that I was the kind of guy that would worry and panic over the smallest things. That’s right! Mr. Positivity used to have the mindset of a worry wart. So how did I change my life to not worry so much?


It was quite simple: I got tired of WASTING SO MUCH ENERGY worrying about shit that NEVER happened.

Here’s what I simply decided to do one day and I NEVER looked back.

I stopped worrying about the unknown and started taking action towards what I wanted. It was really that simple. I started understanding that whatever I focused on, I got more of. So if I focused on the disasters in my life, all of a sudden they became mountains that I couldn't and didn’t want to climb. Once I decided to climb the mountain NO MATTER WHAT, then all I focused on was achievements as opposed to failures.

I got the information I needed and then moved forward to taking action.

I realized that I would NEVER have ALL the information I needed to make the perfect decision so I got enough information to help get me to take action.

That’s it.

The ultimate goal was to take action, not to worry about what I should be doing.

I understood that my anxiety, my overthinking and my worry stemmed from NOT TAKING ENOUGH ACTION. So I took 10X more action. The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone made complete and total sense to me when I began my entrepreneurial journey in 2015. It basically said to take ten times more action than you’re used to taking to move yourself quicker and closer to your result.

This made sense because I realized that I wasn't taking enough action to get any kind of result that mattered.

Taking 10X action propelled me from thinking so much to just doing the work and analyzing the results.

I no longer was analyzing what I should’ve been doing, I was analyzing what I did and then quickly moved to the next step.

I use these basic principles when I feel myself becoming a worry wart.

I use my anxiety or worries as a notification to my brain to tell me to DO MORE WORK. DO MORE so that my brain can just analyze my results as opposed to analyzing what I SHOULD BE DOING.


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Stay positive,


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