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I'm ALWAYS the First One Up in the Morning - Here's Why

Getting up before everyone in the house has helped me get 80% of my work done before 6am.

I’m up before the sun comes up. Everyday. It’s the most amazing feeling ever. Here are a few things that help me get in the zone when I’m up before everyone in my house.

I Get Quiet Time - Zero Interruptions

This is vital to my mindset. I’m able to get work done in a condensed amount of time without any distractions. You all know that I love my family dearly but the one thing that slows me down is when family is around.

I know my strengths and one of them is working in solitude. I’ve always been like this. I go to the gym at 4am because I like when no one is there. I work better when I’m left alone to my own thoughts. I’m more efficient when I can get things done in a condensed amount of time.

Quiet time is golden. It’s hard enough being a family man but it’s damn near impossible to get things done when everyone’s up.

I get up at 3am daily. I’m looking to push the time up to 2am so I can achieve MORE. Yes. 2am. Crazy? Yes. But crazy is what gets things done.

Clarity and Insight

Clarity is what eludes most people when it comes to what people want in their lives. There are so many distractions in the world today that it’s hard to remain focused on what you want.

Getting up super early allows me to gain clarity on what I want in my life. I review my Lifetime Goals (2038) which include all of my daily goals and tasks for the next 20 years. This gives me time to design the life that I want and make sure that I take the right steps to get to where I desire.

Gaining clarity and insight is essential to my success as an entrepreneur. With four kids under ten, there’s no time to achieve this insight while they’re awake. Too many distractions and well… they’re kids. They do what kids do. I love them but I need my time to gain clarity.

Starting My Day on a Positive Note

I used to wake up when everyone else did. The house would be full of ruckus and entertainment. That’s good if you have nothing to do. That’s bad if you have actual work to do.

Being a stay-at-home dad means that my job is at home. And since I don’t have my own office that’s separate from the house, it makes it incredibly challenging to get in a positive state of mind and get work done as well.

Kids do what kids do. They press buttons, they create messes and they do things that drive parents insane. This leads to a decline in my attitude if I can’t get work done.

Starting my day before everyone else means I can get work done and protect my mindset when everyone wakes up. I literally get 80% of my workload done before 8am.

What I do is extreme but it’s effective. It works and I still have time for my family and fun. If you're an entrepreneur dad or mom and you're looking to maximize your days to become more productive and efficient, then it's time to connect with me!


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