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I'm Always Looking for New (Success Minded) Friends

I'm always looking to level up. It's essential to my well being. You should have the same mindset everyday.

Let me tell you about a lesson I learned while working out in gyms to get stronger. When I began working out in my 20s, I was all about reading the latest information on how to be the best and how to condense my timeframe to success to create my best physique.

But I couldn’t just read about success, I had to apply what I read. While reading was good and all, I needed to be in the right environment and surrounded by the right people.

The Right People Will Condense Your Timeframe to Success

I realized that not everybody in the gym was all about achieving an ultimate success level. Most people are there to talk, pose, waste time or do other things. I wasn't about all that. I wanted to get in and get out. I wanted to be hyper-focused on defeating the weights and increasing my strength.

I soon found others that had the same mindset as molded. I started to associate with them and learned many things that helped me succeed a lot quicker than if I tried to go at it alone.

No book, video or time by myself would’ve helped me succeed quicker than being surrounded by success minded workout buddies with the same mindset.

Your Learning Curve is Easier

Iron sharpens iron. When you learn how to do certain things that help you succeed, you realize that you have a supreme advantage over others that are trying to do things by themselves or just don’t have the right mindset.

I remember when I was at the gym, I met a guy by the name of Zack who was an extreme body builder. One time I was having trouble deadlifting 405 lbs. I tried over and over using my own technique and all I could muster was one rep.

Zack taught me how to use a different grip by simply moving my thumb to a different position. By doing that, I deadlifted the same 405 lbs for three easy reps.

What I learned from Zack was a life lesson. That no matter how hard we try at doing our own thing, sometimes it’s the smallest thing we have to change to create success.

Don’t Worry About Anyone Other Than Yourself

Have you heard of FOMO? Fear of Missing Out? People have this mindset because they’re too busy focusing on everyone else’s success. When I was at the gym, it was easy to compare body types and my success to someone else’s success. Easy.

However as I got older, I was all about getting in the gym, getting the workout done and getting out the gym. There was no posturing or seeing who could lift more weight. There wasn’t much talking to others either. It was all about maximizing every single second I was at the gym.

Once I stayed focused on how I was utilizing my time, that’s when I began to make the most progress. That’s when big things happened and that’s when I was able to create my ultimate success.

One of the things I learned as an entrepreneur is that you must have moments where you stay hyper-focused on creating success and not pay attention to anything or anyone around you.

Trust me, you’re not missing out on anything. If you feel FOMO creeping in, it simply means you’re not paying enough attention to increasing your own success level.

Working out at the gym has taught me a lot about my mindset and my success. They’re one in the same. You have to be all about the process about the accolades. You have to surround yourself with the right people and not waste time with the wrong ones.

I coach many entrepreneurs about the importance of auditing their friends list to help them find other successful people so they can condense their time to achieving success. Let me help you create your to success and win everyday! 


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