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I’d Be Nowhere Without the Help of Many People

There's no such thing as self-made ANYTHING. Here's a short list of some awesome people that have helped me become more awesome along my entrepreneur journey. Is there someone that's helping you become more awesome today?

There’s one thing that I loathe and that’s the myth of the self-made ANYTHING. No one is self-made. NO ONE. The idea that someone accomplishes anything by themselves is an idea that’s self-centered and one that gives zero credit to those who’ve believed and helped you along the way.

Here are some people that have had a great impact on my journey to becoming the best person and entrepreneur that I can be.

Michelle Blumenberg (my wife) - She believed in me long before anyone even knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur.

Before I could begin my journey, I had to convince my wife that I could make this work. Do you know how hard it is to convince someone that you’re going to do something that you’ve never done before? It’s the most difficult thing ever.

I had to put forth work that I’ve never done before. I had to get a new attitude and be a more positive person. I had to do things that I’ve never done.

The one that believed before I took the first step, was Michelle. Without her belief, this entrepreneur journey would’ve been beyond challenging but nearly impossible to begin.

Thank you Momma!

My kids have blind faith in me and that’s a good thing.

The good about kids is that they believe everything you tell them. They hardly question anything and they have more faith and hope that us adults ever could even on our best days.

Everything I do is to show them that they too can achieve something great if they purposely go after what they want. Even if it involves blind faith.

John Mircheff (my best friend of 20 years) - We’ve always spoken of doing big things. He’s always kept me thinking and achieving big and never settling for less.

John is the type of friend that keeps you dreaming of what life should be. He never allows you to think in terms of achieving anything average. John began his entrepreneur journey about 2-3 years before I did. He was already on the right path while I was still messing around with being average. He got me out of my average zone and into big think zone.

He’s always been there for me no matter how low I’ve gotten. He’s always celebrated my highs no matter how high I’ve gotten. He’s always looked at whatever I’ve done objectively. We’ve been through hell and back and back again. I’d do anything for that dude.

Thank you brother!

Wauconda Park District Staff has always dealt with my over the top silliness but they’ve always allowed me to flourish.

One of the things that the WPD allowed me to do was to take over a sports program where I was given 100% responsibilities. I was young. I was inexperienced. I was a newbie. I never ran a program. I never coached or taught 10 plus athletes at a time.

I took a lot of lumps but I learned an incredible amount of info about the importance of customer service, attitude during practice and teaching time and how to handle employees to help them perform to best of their abilities.

A wealth of knowledge that I learned in a short amount of time.

Thank you Wauconda Park District!

My Mom - She’s always believed in my abilities to achieve. She might not have liked the paths that I’d take but she always believed that I could achieve.

My mom is a saint in my eyes. She’s dealt with my madness for 40 plus years. I’ve always been that son that’s given her the hardest time. However she’s always believed in my abilities to achieve the impossible. She hasn’t always liked how I’ve gotten there but she’s always believed in my capabilities.

She has sacrificed her life to help us kids have the life we desire. I can only imagine how it was raising all three of us kids. We were hellraisers. Now that I have my own kids (4), and I’m on my entrepreneur journey working to make this happen and all the craziness that I deal with daily, I have an incredible newfound respect for my mom and how she raised us.

It’s literally amazing that I’m still here and my mom didn’t kill me for all of the stupid things I used to do.

Love you forever Ma! Thank you!

Travis Knaggs (entrepreneur friend) - Just having him around has helped me to be a better entrepreneur.

When I moved to Idaho, I didn’t have any of my own friends here. Michelle has all of her childhood friends but I had no one. Michelle had all of her Idaho family but I have no family here.

But there was one family friend that I always connected with. He was a little crazy but always managed to make big things happen. His name is Travis Knaggs. Travis decided to move back to Idaho around the same time I moved to Idaho. It was like it was supposed to happen. I’ve learned a wealth of knowledge from Travis and I continue to learn more everyday.

Without him, this leg of the journey would be excruciatingly hard.

Thank you TK!

Lisa D CT becomes my sister without me even knowing who she was.

I met Lisa Donnan (aka Lisa D CT) through social media. I remember I saw a video of Grant Cardone giving her some endorsement for her to go after her dreams to be a comedian. I immediately followed her because she was a part of the 10X Nation (Grant Cardone) but then something interesting happened.

Out of nowhere we began to connect on an entrepreneurial level. We began to support each other with the pitfalls and the challenges that litter the path of entrepreneurialism. We spoke authentic words to each other and we never sugar coated anything.

We soon began calling each other brother and sister. I told her that I’d be her “adopted brother” and that I wasn't replacing her brother who passed away of cancer, I was being her new brother of support.

Our relationship has been the most beneficial part of my entrepreneurial journey. It has allowed me to speak to someone who doesn't know me from Adam but always supports me with an open mind and an open heart.

Thank you for never judging me and always supporting me sis!!

Thank you sis!

There are many many more people that I couldn’t even fit in this article that I can thank. I could go on forever but instead of sounding like an ongoing Oscar acceptance speech, I decided to keep it short.

Thank you all who have believed in me and continue to support me. You have helped me achieve even when I didn't believe.

My coaching program allows me to help you build confidence in yourself and to help you connect with others to increase your abilities to achieve success.

Allow me to coach you to increase the belief in yourself and to be someone that can impact your life along your journey like these amazing people have done for me.



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