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Going All-In Sent Me Down a Crazy Path!

Are you ready to go down a crazy path of your own or are you still thinking about it? Read my story to gain some insight and perspective on how I can help you with your decision.

The header picture of this article is me and former coworker Diana after a breakfast to say our farewells. We took this picture a few days before leaving for Idaho to start a new adventure.

That was 2017.

I was unaware of what my future would hold but I was EXTREMELY hopeful. There were some good, bad and ugly moments that were ahead of me but I often wondered to myself, if I knew what was ahead, would I have kept going?

  • October 2017, we paid the rent on the house we were renting for one full year. That was the most amazing feeling EVER!! It’s a stress free life when you can pay your rent FAR in advance.

  • February 2018, I helped my entrepreneur friend Travis Knaggs start his moving company - WeHaul Moving and Services.

  • March 2018, I start my own coaching business Fred Blumenberg Enterprises.

  • June 2018, I coached my first client by helping her level up to a new job making $30K more a year.

  • July 2018, my drivers license was suspended by the state of Illinois for a (bullshit) speeding ticket that didn’t get paid. There’s a lengthy back story but let’s just say, I didn’t get all the necessary paperwork mailed to me and I was unaware of how this result came about.

  • October 2018, I had a knee infection which required me to have surgery for the first time and I was in rehab for the next six months. I was unable to walk correctly for almost a year.

  • November 2018, I helped my entrepreneur friend Matt Thompson started his sports academy - Next Level Academy.

  • May 2019, I became a full time Assistant Coach for the Next Level Fire spending every waking moment helping kids and athletes in the community.

  • September 2019, coached our first game with the 5th/6th grade tackle football team.

  • October 2019, got to work with a successful entrepreneur to help with building an audience for their conference in 2020.

  • October 2019, after a long and grueling season, coached our last game and didn’t win any games all season (0-8).

In two years, I went all-in for what I wanted and it feels like I’m ever so close to having an amazing breakthrough. Time and time again I seem to make mistakes (big and small) but it always catapults me to the next level.

One of the things that I’ve learned the most about this journey is that anything can happen at any time and anywhere. However if I just keep going, nothing can stop me.

I learned a very valuable lesson when I started my entrepreneur journey in 2015 and it came from a quote I heard in an audiobook by Grant Cardone - The 10X Rule.

Commit first, figure the rest out later.

My biggest problem was ALWAYS commitment. The commitment part was the very thing that kept me from JUST STARTING. Once I learned that I needed to commit first and figure the rest out later, it alleviated the pressure of needing to know everything before I got started.

As long as I was committed to what I wanted to do, i would eventually figure it out. It didn’t matter how good the process looked or how much success I achieved in someone else’s eyes. It just mattered that I got closer to my end goal. So I learned the importance of commitment and why it’s important to figure everything else out as you go along as opposed to figuring everything out before you even get started.

That one roadblock is what I moved out of the way in 2015. My commitment is the one thing that has kept me going. It’s the one thing that was in my mind when I took this picture and it’s the one thing that I’m still all about whenever I begin a project.

I asked earlier in the article, if I knew what was ahead, would I have kept going?

You DAMN RIGHT I would've.

I know you’re fighting the good fight. I want to ask you the same question:

If YOU knew what was ahead of you, would you STILL keep going?


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