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Fakepreneur Versus Me - I Win EVERY TIME

Fakepreneurs run rampant on social media. They dominate the landscape. But do you know who dominates the area of authenticity? ME. The true entrepreneur.

Most entrepreneurs talk a good game. I play the damn game. I remember when I played football. There was a saying amongst players:

There are players who play football and then there are football players.

The same goes for being an entrepreneur.

There are people who are act like entrepreneurs and then there are entrepreneurs who are entrepreneurs.

The people that act like entrepreneurs are called fakepreneurs. They do all the things that make them look like entrepreneurs. They do all the things that resemble entrepreneurialism. The one thing that they fail to do is the grit, the dirt, the ugly and the nasty.

You see, guys who play football are all about looking good in their jersey. Yes, they have talent but that’s all they rely on. They’re good enough to get you a few touchdowns and possibly win the game but they won’t help you win the championship.

Football players do the ugly, the grit, the nasty. They do whatever it takes to win the championship. They’re not concerned with looking cute and pretty during mid season wins. They’re not concerned with getting participation awards or anything that anybody else can achieve.

They want the shit that no one else can attain. They want the ultimate wins. They want the championships.

You see, the fakepreneurs want the championships as well. What are the championships?

The fakepreneurs will make you think the championships are:

  • Cars

  • Private jets

  • Money

  • Status

  • Fame

This is the stuff that all fakepreneurs dangle as bait on social media. The funny thing is that all of these fakepreneurs can’t show you a process. They can’t show you when they’ve fucked up or when they’ve dealt with adversity. They can’t talk about the grind, the grit, the nasty. That’s not what they’re about.

Fakepreneurs are about THE SHOW. The glitz and the glamour. The accolades. The stuff that everyone dreams of having.

They must continue to put on the façade as if they’re creating success everyday. As if it’s easy for them and as if they have all the answers.

An AUTHENTIC entrepreneur doesn’t need to be about the show. An AUTHENTIC entrepreneur is about THE GO.

The ugly, the grit, the nasty, the process. An AUTHENTIC entrepreneur works in the dark. They don’t need to be seen but their work has massive impact.

They’re looking for one particular accolade and that’s to achieve greatness. They don’t want to just be good or the best. They want to be great.

That’s why I work as an AUTHENTIC entrepreneur. I will always show you the good, the bad and the ugly part of becoming a successful entrepreneur.


Because when I started my entrepreneur journey, I was desperate to find real people. Real entrepreneurs that were getting real results. Not microwave results. REAL RESULTS. Real results don’t happen overnight. They happen over time. A long time.

And that’s unsexy.

And that’s why the fakepreneurs run rampant. Because they play on people’s emotions based on most people wanting microwave results.

So the questions you must ask yourself are these:

Do you want to work with a fakepreneur that will get you microwave results?

Or do you want to work with an AUTHENTIC entrepreneur that will get you real results?

Don’t be hard headed and choose the short-term solution. It’ll only bring you right back to me -

The football player.


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