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Date Night Turned Into Date Day (Afternoon Stroll)

Michelle and I have committed to date night once a week. Since we have four kids (and anything can happen) we have to be flexible. So we decided to make a date day out of it by taking an afternoon stroll and discussing what we wanted out of life. It was the best date ever!!

I made a commitment to Michelle til death do us part on December 13, 2006. I would do whatever it took to make our life a dream life. The funny part about that was I didn't know what the hell I was doing or where to start. I was going. I was 28 years old when we got married.

I liked to party, live for the weekend and had no direction in life. I didn't care for much of anything other than a good ass time. That shit was all fun and games until I had my first child two years later. Then my 30s seemed to fly by. Three more kids, three moves, a dog, a parental divorce, a grandmother's death, another grandmother going blind, new jobs, it just seemed to go on forever.

It was as if I couldn't grab a hold of time to save my life. Then the time came in my life when I needed to make some drastic changes. I needed to financially level up in life.

I was tired of living check to check and saying stupid shit like “I’m robbing Peter to pay Paul” as my way of describing my expenses. It was tiring.

On October 7, 2015, I decided to change my life for the better. I decided that I was going to pursue financial freedom. Not just a little bit of freedom, no. I was going to go all-in at becoming a multimillionaire. I knew I could do it but it was a matter of making a commitment to it. Something I wasn’t good at doing at all.

Fast forward to today. I’m an Entrepreneurial Mindset Coach. I help entrepreneurs increase and monetize their strengths and mentally dominate their field. I didn't get here by accident. And what I’m doing isn’t by accident. It’s planned.

You see, I didn't begin planning my life until a few years ago. I created a roadmap for myself and I’ve followed it ever since. But while I created that roadmap, I left someone out. Someone of the utmost importance. My wife.

Let me explain. I had plans of how I was going to grow my business and how I wanted to get to the next level but I didn't include my family. So what I decided to do was make it a family business. Everyone has a part in the household earning income.

My wife and I are in the process of working on coaching for entrepreneurs and their spouses. The coaching is called Transformational Relationship Coaching. It gives us a chance to work with other couples who are in need of understanding while in the entrepreneurial game.

My kids will be involved with helping other kids spread our motto Do You Be You. It will be through various forms such as YouTube and podcasting. It gives our kids a chance to tell other kids how they feel and give another child a voice to their feelings.

There will be many facets to the whole thing but I came up with this idea after talking to Michelle on our afternoon walk. A walk that we committed to as “date night.” Yes, date night. Date night is a walk?! YES!! When you have kids, you’ll take any moment you can to be away from them. It’s the only way we can actually have a conversation without someone crying, spilling shit, someone looking for attention, someone calling Mommy’s name 488429163674857271 times, (see video below to get an idea of what I mean)...

I made a commitment to her. That I would do whatever it took to give her the life that she wanted. Often times we make commitments and they seem impossible to commit to and/or complete. We get off course or things deter us from wanting to see things through to the end. Recently we decided to commit to date night every week no matter what. It gives us a chance to go over our personal goals along with our goals for the family. It gives us a chance to reconnect.

Often times as parents we tend to go through the motions. As kids get older, we still go through the motions forgetting why we’re even doing something. And then ultimately we lose track of the original love we had for the person we married.

If you take anything away from this, let it be this: always make time for date night with your spouse. It’s the key to your relationship. It’s the key to communication. It’s the key to keeping you both close and keeping you happy. As long as there’s communication and as long as both sides know the expectations, you’ll always be ahead of the game.

Stay ahead of the game. Never play from behind.

Do you, be you


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