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COVID-19 Quarantine Has Given Moms Back Their Time With Their Kids

Moms deserve MORE TIME with their kids. PERIOD.

There’s some good that has come out of being quarantined for all the Moms of the world - they get MORE TIME with their kids.

In about five weeks or so, we will be celebrating Mother’s Day. But we need to be celebrating all the mothers being home with their kids right now. There’s no reason to wait around for that magical day in May.

The Coronavirus pandemic has rendered pretty much the entire world to be quarantined to their homes. Most people see this as a bad thing or they perpetuate all the bad that has come from this but let's focus on the good that has come from this. The good is that the Moms get to be with their kids. MORE TIME WITH THEIR KIDS. Moms deserve MORE TIME with their kids

I helped an entrepreneur start his business last year and it was a success. At the end of the year dinner party, the first thing that I did was to thank all the moms who were an intricate and important part of the entire process.

Moms need MORE TIME with their kids.

We live in a world where every household needs both parents to be working which makes it challenging for kids to get complete love and care from both parents.

Now listen, I’m not saying that moms shouldn’t work or that we need to go back to the ways of the 1950s. What I am saying is that our moms need more time with their kids.

I’ve worked in school districts where moms have only six weeks of maternity leave and then they have to be right back to work. I think it’s crazy that we don’t have daycares built into MORE jobs to make it less stressful for moms to be detached from their kids.

I think it’s a great thing to see more Millennial moms choosing to be home and even work from home so they can maximize their time with their babies.

Technology and the uprising of more stay-at-home jobs has made this more possible which is another great aspect to realize during this quarantine process.

If you’re a mom and you’re enjoying this time with your babies, I want you to take time to look into opportunities that could benefit you by working from home. Being quarantined should afford you this opportunity to see what’s out there for you and how you can make such an opportunity to work for you so you can enjoy more time with your kids.

I’m glad for this gifted time that moms have with their kids. Some moms NEVER get this kind of opportunity or wish for this kind of unstructured time with their kids.

If you’re a mom and you have this time with your kids, I hope it’s the best time ever! I hope you find happiness and joy as you spend quality time with your babies. A mom's love is the most important love a child can receive.

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