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Can You Handle the Pressure? If Not, Try This

The more pressure you can withstand and come through, the more reliable you are to yourself to perform your best when the pressure is on.

Pressure breaks most people. Can you handle it when it gets hard?


Pressure. It makes or breaks people. How do you overcome it? You first have to want it. You have to WANT THE PRESSURE.

Most people run away from pressure for one reason. They’re not prepared for it. Yes. It’s that simple. You have to be prepared for the moment that pressure arrives. 

BE PREPARED. Opportunity favors those that are prepared. The reason why most people don’t take advantage of opportunities or even see them is because they simply aren’t prepared. 

So how do you prepare for the unseen? Prepare as if. That means, you prepare as if you’re already operating in your goal or opportunity. Don’t wish for the opportunity, work as if you’re already in your opportunity and I promise you that your opportunity will come. It’s just a matter of - are you prepared?

STOP PROCRASTINATING. Most people wait to the last minute to do things and they act like they’re so clutch when they come through. The real truth is that they’re wasting time trying to have all the fun up front and leaving the work til the last minute. 

There’s no sense of self-made urgency. Why? Because they think things are “okay.” 

It’s time to learn to flip the script. Can you get super urgent when everyone else is willing to relax because they think things are “okay?”

This is the hardest thing for most people. Because they’re strapped by the moment and they’re not willing to put pressure on themselves when there’s no need for pressure. 

I’ve learned that the greats apply pressure regardless of what the situation. When you think of athletes like Michael Jordan, Tom Brady and Michael Phelps, they apply insane amounts of pressure on themselves when others take it easy. 

There’s no such thing as a meaningless practice or game. Jordan was known for taking practices serious enough to think that every practice was The NBA Finals. 

It was no accident that he was great. 

APPLY PRESSURE. Apply the heat everyday. That’s right. Apply pressure to yourself by setting a ridiculous goal that you must come through on everyday.

This forces you to raise your level of play. You have to increase your activity. This is mostly a read and react mindset.

You see the goal that you need to accomplish and you go do the work. No questions, no thinking. Just actions and results.

Can you come through when the chips are on the line? Here’s a better question. Can you apply intense pressure to yourself when there’s no reason to? That’s the question you need to answer.


Can you handle it?


Can you apply it when everyone takes their foot off the gas?


How bad do you want it?

It’s up to you. 

Stay positive,


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