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Are You Willing to Bet on Yourself?

I had a good job, working with great people and I decided to quit that job and pursue my entrepreneurial journey.

August 8, 2017 is the day we arrived in Sandpoint, Idaho USA. This was after a long 1700 mile plus trek westward from Chicago, IL. I left a job where I was making decent money to pursue a path of entrepreneurialism. Most people wouldn’t do what I did. Especially because of the fact that I have four kids. I’m 40. Who the hell does that? Why leave a job that pays good with the ability to increase my income? Why would I do that?

Because I’m betting on myself, that’s why. Are you willing to bet on yourself or are you going to play it “safe” forever? Now I’m not asking you to take drastic measures as I did but I’m asking you are you willing to take a step back and honestly assess where you are in life?

Most people know where they stand in life. They know what their current circumstances look like and they’re afraid to take a deeper look into how things are playing out.

The False Idea of “Security”

Most people think that because things seem to be going well and they aren’t passed due on every single bill, that they’re okay. I’m not the only one that’s in a bad situation. 75% of the country is doing bad so I’m not the only one.

This used to be my excuse. The main excuse. I’d compare my life to how other people were doing and I’d pay myself on the back for doing better than most. Never mind the fact that I was comparing my life to people that were doing worst off than me - oh no - nevermind that small minor fact.

I couldn’t dare compare myself to someone doing far better than me because then I’d have to come out with the Excuse Machine.

So I buffered myself with exactly that. The Excuse Machine. It was all about how I was being “secure” and making the safe choices and doing the “right things.” These were all lies because while I was playing it “safe”, I was one financial catastrophe away from my entire life crumbling before my eyes.

The Decision

I decided it was time to take control. It was time for me to take back my life and be consciously aware of the choices that I was making. I was no longer going to live my life on autopilot. Autopilot -

  • Go to a job where I didn’t have to think much. Just do.

  • Work to get paid every two weeks and be satisfied with the status quo.

  • Stay in my comfort bubble and complain about the same stuff day after day.

I made a choice to make things happen. This came after I signed my resignation letter from Schaumburg School District 54. That was the point in my life that I decided that I no longer wanted to be broke. I no longer wanted to live check to check and struggle everyday. I was threw with that feeling.

I made a complete 180. I’ve always wanted to become a multimillionaire so that’s what I went for. I’ve always wanted to work for myself so that’s what I went for. I’ve always wanted to maximize my potential so that’s what I went for.

100% All-In Commitment and Never Looking Back

A lot of people want these things but they aren’t committed for the long haul. They’re committed so long as it fits their needs and they’re getting money right away. But most people aren’t committed to the point of seeing their dream through. Even when they feel they’ve given everything up.

For me, I’ve lived a life of being broke. I’ve robbed Peter to pay Paul. I’ve been there and done that for 37 years of my life and I was through with living that kind of lifestyle. I refused to live the rest of my life working for someone else to only look towards retirement.

I bet on myself. And this is where it got me.

  • Doing what I love to do: working with entrepreneurs and helping them increase the strength of their mindset.

  • In Sandpoint, Idaho - a place that I once said I’d never live but now a place that I’m proud to call my home.

  • I wanted a house with a view and we got a house with a view of the mountains and one block from her grandparents home. Great for visits from their great grandkids.

  • I’ve made MANY connections online as well as in person with people in power.

  • I’ve helped many others see and realize their dreams and potential to achieve greatness.

Multimillionaire Yet?

Have I made millions? Not yet. Just wait, that’s coming. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of WHEN. I bet on myself and I made a commitment. There were many dark days and nights. Many defeats and times of questioning myself. There were many opportunities that I was enticed by the situation or by other friends to go back to the 9-5 and quit being an entrepreneur.

But I didn’t. I kept going.

And for that - I’M WINNING.

Winning is essential. Everyday we seek to win at whatever task we set out to accomplish. When we don’t win, we are perplexed and have to sit and breakdown what went wrong. Winning is everything. You design your life based on what you ultimately want.

Are you willing to bet on yourself? Are you willing to step outside your comfort zone to make things happen? If you’re unwilling to take a risk on yourself, don’t expect anyone else to take a risk on you either. Bet on yourself and make things happen today. RIGHT NOW. GO!


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