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Always Be Willing to Change Something That’s Already Good

I went after a fear of mine which was going LIVE - everyday. Once I conquered that fear, I decided to keep changing and finally I committed to an even bigger change.

Every weekday I’ve been going LIVE at 12pm ET. I first started going LIVE on Nov. 1, 2017. I was nervous to say the least. Yes. Me. Nervous. In fact, I created this video below in August 2017 and put myself on the spot to create LIVE videos every weekday.

I'll Be Going LIVE on All Social Media Soon - Aug. 27, 2017 with Fred Blumenberg

The reason for me creating these LIVE videos was to increase my exposure. Of course everyone knows me in my own town and I have a large following online but what about reaching new people? Reaching people across the world? How do I extend my reach?

Well the answer was simple: GO LIVE.

Here’s the thing that I tell all entrepreneurs: you have to go LIVE. It’s not an option anymore, it’s imperative to the success of your business. I don’t care if you already have an established following, going LIVE will only further your reach to people that don’t know you. The plan is to reach new customers that are completely out of your physical range.

In August 2017, I decided to come up with a basic plan. I wanted to be on social media LIVE, Monday through Friday but I wanted people to remember me and why they needed to watch me LIVE. I devised a plan to be on certain social media sites on certain days at a certain time.

When I get the income to purchase an outlet where I could stream everywhere at one time, then I will pursue that avenue but for now, I’m using the #1 Mindset. The #1 Mindset is all about maximizing everything you already have to the fullest and then moving on to the next level when you’ve maxed out the previous level.

So for now, I’m doing all that I can with one phone. That’s what I have and I’m going to max it out.

Since I began my social media LIVE campaign, I’ve gone LIVE 131 total times up to date. Going LIVE is easy for me. NOW. Don’t forget how nervous I was in the beginning when I started.

The change for me to switch things up had come about recently. I needed to create a show to go along with what Facebook seems to be going towards and that’s developing a platform for shows. Now I want you to understand something: I’m just like you. I started my entrepreneurial journey a few years ago so it’s not like I had this show idea from the beginning. Going LIVE evolved into me having a reason to create a daily show.

I began with an idea. The idea turned into me doing as Grant Cardone said in his book The 10X Rule: Commit first, figure the rest out later. I committed to doing LIVE on social media and then I figured out what I needed to do.

Did I know what I was doing every step of the way? Hell no! Are you kidding? It’s all trial and error. But as I went along and figured things out, I realized that I not only needed a show but I needed a show theme. A name. What does the show stand for and why would someone want to watch my show.

Now before I get into all the logistics of all of that, let me be clear, all of this came about through trial and error. There were many days that I saw no point in going LIVE and there were many days that I felt awesome. There were times that I got lost in my own thought while I was on LIVE and there were times that I knew exactly what to say and how to say it.

But along this journey, I’ve realized that change is always good. It means you’re progressing. It means that you’re willing to say to yourself that even though it’s good for now, it can always be better.

I’m glad I created this change in the time of my new business chaos. In the end, it will all amount to something amazing in the future.

Be sure to watch for my new show Be Authentic which airs weekdays at 12pm ET. You can watch the show LIVE on these social media platforms below on these particular days:

Also, the LIVE will be posted to YouTube and my website daily so you can never miss a beat on how to attain the #1 Mindset. Make sure you tune in!

Here's my most recent show as of today May 3, 2018.

Be Authentic 004: Don't Allow Your Faults to Define You - Twitter (Periscope) LIVE, May 3, 2018


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