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A Story About A Superhero

Are you a parent? Are you an entrepreneur? Are you both? If you're any of these, then you need to go put your cape on before you start reading this.

As a parent, you HAVE to become a superhero. It’s not as if one day you have kids and you profess to the world that you’re going to be a superhero. It’s innate. Some people have it and some people don’t. Some people rise to the occasion and others run away from it.

A superhero feels compelled to use their powers to save people in need. The funny thing about superheroes is that they’re unassuming. They don’t appear as though they can save the world.

As a parent and an entrepreneur, it’s about combining superpowers from all areas.

Being a parent is challenging enough but when you work as an entrepreneur, it’s incredibly challenging to be sane at any point of the day.

Let me give you a glimpse of what I mean:


Everyday starts to look the same. Remember the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray? Bill’s character (Phil) would wake up everyday and relive the same situations over and over. No matter how hard he tried to do things differently, it seemed like he’d always end up with the same results.

That’s what it’s like to be a parent as well as an entrepreneur. Most days are getting through the mundane tasks that will produce the right results. It’s not that they’re boring but they’re not overly exciting either.

It’s a matter of staying disciplined. As a parent, I have to stay on top of my four kids and everything they do. The minute I turn my back on something or forget to do something for them, all Hell breaks loose.

Can any of my parents relate to this?

The same thing goes for being an entrepreneur. Everything can be going your way but the minute you deviate and take your foot off the gas pedal, all Hell breaks loose.

The magic formula to success is simple. STAY DISCIPLINED. That’s it. Once you find out what’s going to get you the results that you want, it’s time to STAY DISCIPLINED.

Kids are extremely challenged in this area. I mean … they’re kids. They should be. Michelle and I have to remind our kids to do things a billion times.

But as adults, we know better. Our problem is that we know what to do but we simply don’t do it.

How do you conquer the boring and mundane? STAY DISCIPLINED.


Now when it’s time to become a superhero, it’s not all glitz and glamour. As a parent, when it’s time to save the family, it’s not like we go in a phone booth, strip off the regular clothing and then put on the superhero outfit and cape and take off.


We go about our business and then we’re thrusted into a situation where it’s time to react - QUICKLY.

There isn’t time to do any deep research, planning and thought processes. In fact, the best parents are incredibly flexible. They’re able to problem solve on a dime while keeping their cool.

And when they’re done being superheroes, they wait for the next fire.


No chest beating, no “look at me” moments, no proclamations that they’re the greatest.


They just quietly move on to the next moment.

Successful entrepreneurs do the same damn thing. When it’s time to create sales, create the revenue, launch the new product, bounce back and make things happen, a successful entrepreneur makes quick decisions and executes.

No chest beating, no “look at me” moments, no proclamations that they’re the greatest.


They just quietly move on to the next moment.

Most people on social media are trying to BE that kind of parent or entrepreneur. The problem is that they’re fake and they’re trying to fake their way into embodying something that they’re not.

A fakepreneur will always make the most noise about what they’ve done and how they’ve accomplished it. They won’t show you a process, they’ll just show themselves ALL OF A SUDDEN “making it.”

Someone who’s AUTHENTIC doesn't have that kind of time or energy. They dedicate that energy to teaching as many people as they can (the process) of how they achieved their success.

Most people want to be superheroes for the sake of the cape and to be called the GOAT. But the true superheroes don’t need to be called the GOAT to validate their abilities.

WORKING 24/7/365

The term #TeamNoSleep and #WhateverItTakes comes to mind when I think of the social media superheroes. I mean, they DO understand that REAL superheroes don’t need to shout out these terms. They do realize this… right?

In all my years of parenting (over 11), I can’t remember the last time I’ve gotten 8 hours of sleep or even a great night of sleep for that matter. A good night of sleep is 5 hours but I can get by on at least 3-½.

This is not me trying to say that I need less sleep. Are you crazy? I wish I could achieve 8 solid hours of sleep but that’s not happening.

So I do whatever it takes to make shit happen. With kids, there are NO DAYS OFF. There’s no such thing as down time. There’s no need to claim #TeamNoSleep or #NoDaysOff because that’s my life every damn day. I’m too tired to even put forth energy to mutter that crap anyway so I keep it moving.

Ever since I started my entrepreneur journey in October 2015, I’ve been hustling crazy hard to make headway in my field. I’ve made more progress in the last four years than I had made in my first 37 years of living.

Here’s the key: I found my purpose. I was driven to coach people. I’ve always been about helping people get out of their own way to create happiness and joy I their own lives.

Once I went after my purpose with desire and determination, I never got tired. That’s right, you read that right: I never got tired. I needed to rest but it wasn’t even close to being as tired as I was when I worked a 9-5 with no direction.

Being a parent and an entrepreneur feels like absolute daily insanity. But when it’s time to put on the cape, there’s no complaining. It’s time to go to work.

I want you to feel like this. Especially if you’re a parent. You already have the capabilities of being an entrepreneur. I talk of daily insanity but that’s what you’re already going through as a parent.

And we all know the only way to start enjoying our lives as a parent is to first accept the insanity that comes with it. And THEN adapt to it.

It’s time for you to put your cape on. It’s time for you to go out and conquer the world. It’s time for you to be what you were meant to be.

Are you having a hard time believing in your superhero capabilities?

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