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A Small Victory in Growing Dreads

A story of how my journey to growing dreads helps me understand the importance of having a strong vision and staying committed to it.

Did you know that I used to have dreads? YES! I had dreads down to my waist. It all started with a vision. I saw a young dude on a show called Parenthood back in 2011 and I immediately thought YO I WANT THAT!!

The Vision

That vision propelled me to do something drastic with my hair. I never has dreads but I decided to try something new. But here’s the thing: I don’t “try” things, I do them. 100% all-in commitment to doing them.

The Commitment

Since I was committed, I decided to research how to grow good looking dreads on YouTube. Lots of research on what to do, the types of products to use and how to grow my hair properly.

There’s a funny thing that happens when you grow dreads. It’s like growing long hair from REALLY short hair. You go through the “ugly phase.”

But with dreads, the “ugly phase” is an understatement.

Dry hair, lots of dandruff, itchy head, stinky scalp, it’s just all bad. So what would make me want to continue on growing my hair? I was committed through the ugly. And oh, … it got ugly.

The End Result

It took me three years to get the photo you see below. And the funny thing about it is that everyone that saw me with long dreads thought I ALWAYS had long dreads.

Let me explain: people I would meet just assumed that I either had extensions or I just grew dreads overnight.

This is what people think about others who have created massive success. What most people never saw was the ugly phases that I went through. The many times that I contemplated cutting my hair to go back to my old hairstyles (stuff that I was comfortable with). But through it all, I kept telling myself, I can do this. I want that hair!!

I was so focused on that vision and what I wanted that nothing could stop me or deter me from getting what I wanted. And that’s JUST HAIR.

I tell you this story because perhaps there’s something that you know for a fact you must have. As an entrepreneur, you may have a vision that you must make sure comes to fruition. You’re willing to go through the ugly NO MATTER WHAT.

Sometimes you learn these lessons from other happenings in your life. I learned that I could persevere through anything through my dread journey. And you know what, it was a mental victory. A great mental victory!


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