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My Kids Taught Me Everything About Handling Pressure

Do you wonder how I’m able to get things done with my kids hanging off me everyday? Do you wonder how I’m able to do so much when I’ve already got so much going on? Do you wonder how I’m able to get ANYTHING done?

Here’s the deal: my kids have been the best teachers when it comes to helping me handle pressure like a pro.

Let me explain:

Daily Controlled Chaos

I’ve had to learn to get things done at a maddening pace whether the kids are asleep or awake. Kids will be kids. So there’s always fighting and bickering going on. There’s always a moment when someone breaks or spills something. It gets incredibly chaotic really quick.

I have four kids. You already know it can get insane. You don’t believe me? Click the link below to view a vlog episode.

Even as I write this article, I’m currently at the kids school watching the school talent show and thumbing out this article in Google Docs.

Chaos all around me with the students getting crazy and my little girls jumping on and off of me, but I’m currently waiting for my son to go on stage and do his thing.

It’s about seizing an opportunity while I have one and not thinking about “should I do it” or “it's too noisy, I don’t have the energy to concentrate.”

There’s one thing: I have a moment, let me get this done while I can. PERIOD.

Flip on a Dime

My kids have taught me to be incredibly flexible. I have no choice. Things happen.

  • Kids get sick.

  • Attending events such as travel games, play dates and after school activities.

  • They constantly need something from the store.

  • They want playtime all the time.

And much more. There’s always something where I can never sit still. Again, check out our vlog to understand the madness that goes down!

I’ve learned that I have to always be ahead of everything and expect that my plans will fall apart. I’ve also learned that if I have one hour to complete something, I truly only have 20 solid minutes to get real work done.


Cmon. Are you serious? Since when have you known for little kids to be good for a straight hour. It’s ludicrous to even think such things.

I created the vlog so other entrepreneurs could understand how I’m able to get work done with all the madness that I’m surrounded by.

I don’t work on a constrained time schedule. I work in blocks. For example, my social media marketing block is from 6-10AM.

That means I’m all social media for those four hours. Technically I’d be lucky to get in two hours worth of work because I have to take kids to school, help them with breakfast and making their lunches, I have to take a shower and also eat, etc.

There’s a hell of a lot going on. However whenever I have a moment to do something, I’m working on social media marketing. That doesn’t mean I’m trolling around on Facebook and Instagram totally messing around.

It means I’ve completed the following:

  • Recorded and posted 2+ podcast episodes.

  • Went LIVE on Periscope audio.

  • Posted LinkedIn article.

  • Sent daily coaching email to my clients.

  • Sent daily coaching text to clients.

  • Posted to Facebook profile.

  • Posted to Instagram.

  • Posted to LinkedIn.

  • Posted to Snapchat.

  • Posted to Twitter.

  • Posted to Facebook group: Be Authentic Coaching and Networking Group.

  • Posted blog to or my website.

  • Updated my website.

  • Posted QOTD to every social media platform.

  • Posted WOTD to every social media platform.

And if there’s time, I’ve posted to YouTube and IGTV. I’ve learn how to maximize time.

Everything is Urgent

I’ve learned that everything I do must be a “do it now or you won’t have time to do it later.” That’s the attitude I have and that’s what helps me to get shit done. There is no “well I’m tired, I’ll get to it another time.”

My kids have helped me build up such an immunity to laziness that it’s ridiculous.

How have they helped me?

Because I’ve realized that I must be willing to do what others won’t do in order to get what others won’t get. I’ve used literally every opportunity for a down moment as an opportunity to ask myself one question:


This question has helped me to get outside of my comfort zone and has also helped me to feel like I’m always winning.

Having kids is a huge and crazy responsibility. Kids don’t take days off from being kids and doing crazy stuff. My life is full of craziness. Click the link to the vlog below to have a true understanding of this.

Here’s the deal: if I’m unable to handle the pressure that my kids apply at home, how the hell will I be able to handle the daily craziness in business. They’re the same damn thing.

This is why I encourage people that are parents to become entrepreneurs if they have that itch to scratch.

If you’re looking to explore your abilities to make it in the field of entrepreneurialism, send me a message here on the website chat or call me at 6303912549 TODAY! Please leave a voice message if I’m unable to answer.

Let’s get you started today!


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