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10 Ways to Show Yourself More Love - You Need This

This is one of the hardest things for most people to do. To simply give themselves MORE LOVE.

Aren’t you tired of being your own worst critic and then letting yourself down - AGAIN?


Let’s face it, we can all be our own worst critic but what hurts the most is that we don’t let up on ourselves. We don’t allow ourselves to make mistakes and be okay with that.

Perhaps that’s why there’s so many people that are Hindsight Critics when it comes to analyzing everyone else’s mistakes but not their own.

I’m going to help you take back your power and be kinder to yourself. YOU DESERVE IT.

Here we go:

1 - Commit to growing into the new you. Everyday you wake up, you have a chance to be a new person. You have a chance to start over and you have another crack at being the best version of yourself. Do me a favor and stay off of social media for the first hour of your day. Replace your social media time to envision what your perfect day would look like or what you want your future to be. Commit to that vision and do whatever it takes to make it happen.

2 - Talk better to yourself. Get rid of the negative self-talk. You’re destroying your character and you’re devaluing yourself when you do this. Say positive affirmations to yourself. Speak out loud every morning an affirmation that makes you feel powerful.

3 - Treat everyone like gold and leave them with an amazing feeling. Listen, I get it, there can be idiots everywhere but when you learn to treat people like you want to be treated it gets reciprocated. Put out the energy you want back. Smile more and laugh more. Having a hard time doing either of those? Find people that smile and laugh abundantly. It’ll rub off on you.

4 - Speak as a problem solver.

STOP saying:

  • I can’t

  • I don’t know how

  • It’s impossible.

  • That’s not realistic.

  • That’s not in my job description.

START saying:

  • I can

  • I’ll figure it out

  • Anything is possible.

  • I like that you think big - let’s do it!

  • I’ve got it taken care of.

5 - Be adaptable. Most people are too rigid in their thought process. They can’t be flexible ON ANYTHING. Don’t be that kind of person. When you’re flexible, you create more opportunities. When you’re rigid, you stifle them.

6 - Attack your fears more often. You don’t become fearless by reading about it. You become fearless by attacking more fears. The thing that makes you scared - DO IT. Because if you don’t, you’ll have a bigger issue to deal with - REGRET.

7 - Be okay with messing up. Make your attempts about trial and error, not right or wrong. If more people thought like this, then they’d live an easier life. But too many people are worried about making the right decision and deathly afraid of making the wrong decision. Think: trial and error. If it works, great, move forward. If it doesn’t, awesome, try again.

8 - Zero expectations needs to be your mantra. When I was in high school, I was deathly afraid to talk to girls because I was scared to get rejected.


Because I was desperate to have a girlfriend. Sounds dumb right? Well my expectations were so high that I overplayed the situation and hardly ever talked to girls.

Then I went to college and didn’t care what the hell people thought about me. I said what I wanted, acted how I felt and felt extremely comfortable being me.

I had zero expectations. I literally didn’t give a shit. This helped because if I was rejected, I already knew it would happen. Anything beyond rejection was a bonus.

Get it?

9 - Be forgiving. Let go of grudges, hatred, trying to be right, let go of all of it. It’s draining your energy and it’s making you a bad person inside. It’s toxic and you need to let it go. Forgive and move on. Watch what happens to your energy level when you let go of that dead weight.

10 - Think how a child thinks: Insanely big. Think bigger. You have ONE LIFE. ONE. What are you doing limiting yourself? You have abundant opportunities that have your name written all over them. If you keep a rigid mindset, you’ll never see those opportunities come to fruition. Open your mind to thinking of achieving the impossible and allow yourself to dream again.

If you want to FINALLY change your life for the better, it's time for you to do something different. Don’t wait to change - do it now! Step into your true and authentic self.

Stay positive,


Stay positive,


Text “POSITIVE” to +1-630-391-2549

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